About Us

BR Pharmaceuticals Ltd was established in 1996 by businessman Phillip Byrne, who wanted to draw upon his extensive sales and marketing experience by offering something innovative to the UK's healthcare market, especially to cost conscious consumers.

Market leading reputation

BR has now gained a reputation for being able to find and market products that offered cost-effective but profitable options, across a wide range of health and personal care products. The company has become adept at spotting trends and opportunities in the market and then quickly backing up their innovative products with cost effective and appealing marketing campaigns. Clients find that everything from production, packaging, logistics and distribution are taken care of, ensuring a seamless delivery of quality products at affordable prices.


A growing business

Brands and product ranges now include market leaders such as Valupak vitamins and supplements and Reveal midstream pregnancy tests. Sectors include wholesale and retail pharmacy, health food and grocery in the UK.

To meet global demand, distribution partners now stretch across the UK & Eire, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

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